Saturday, April 04, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS: Graduates, Parents and Authorities

The Mayor, Romar G. Marcos extends his heartfelt congratulations to Parents and students who just recently graduated. Special greetings were extended to financially challenged families. He can only wish he could accomodate all students wanting to finish their studies despite difficulty of sustainance by their parents.

The Mayor would not disclose the number of his personal scholars. It has been estimated that, at least 20 students were supported from his personal fund. And many fall in line to get enlisted of the privilege since there's no program as such that is available in the local Government of Naujan.

There is a Municipal program though which aims to provide limited support to students by provision of summer jobs. The money earned in this short period would help minimise the financial struggles of parents during enrolment period. Such is the government's SPES: Special Program for Employment of Students through the partnership of Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE)and the Local Government Of Naujan. In this municipality alone, around 85 SPES beneficiaries were enlisted, of which 40 were shouldered by DoLE and 45, by this Local Government Unit. Each student employed receives Php 150.00 per day for 22 days which would yield them Php 3,300.00- an ample amount to finance local student's clothing expenses, hence alleviating to some degree, the parents' difficulties in sending their students back to school again.

Congratulations to students who had been mindful of having a secured future; to parents who had rendered a lot of sacrifices, only to see their children attain a decent living in the future; to the imperfect government for implementing such program for this nation's future.